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Mature lesbians and fetish pics

While I like mature lesbians they just don’t seem to be around as much as younger lesbians are. Perhaps when they get older the hide more from the general public. In this day and age I don’t know why that would be.

If you look at any place or website that has mature or older womens pics on it older or mature lesbians pics are hard to find. Of course, like most, younger lipstick lesbians turn me on more than the older lezbo babes do.

Lol, there are some older celebs I’d love to see going at it, mature woman on mature woman but tthose older celebs have kept themselves in damn good shape. I guess it depends on how their bodies and faces look more than anything else.

Another thing you don’t see around to much is older women with a fetish for leather or whips. This older womens nude pic is of a saggy tits older brunette who seems to like whips.

She’s a hot old babe and I might like to see her in a lesbian scene with another hot looking older woman. Mature and fetish just don’t seem like they go in the same category. OTOH I don’t really like pain either so I’m not much into whips. Lol, don’t like blindfolds or handcuffs either.

I don’t gave enough mature lesbian pics to know if they’d make a site that converts well or not. It would be a much smaller niche than just plain older or mature women. I suspect the same is true for the mature fetish pics.

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