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Mature older woman sex stories

Mature sex stories are something I find very easy to write. No problem writing mature older woman sex stories at all. I’m writing this today to show you something.

The last time I talked about older women and erotic mature stories I said go to nichebot.com and enter a few keywords to find the ones with no competition. So I did that just before I started writng this.

I did a search on “mature stories” and “older stories” and found about 20 between the two with absolutely no competition. Sure they’re only worth 10-25 hits per day but with the ones I combined in this post I should have well over a hundred hits per day for the first few days. After that it will drop off some but not a lot and then finally drop off to a trickle.

Now I chose older or mature women as I have some sites with a story or two on them and I use this place to get some on topic links to those sites or pages.  The links to those sites are important as you should know. The traffic to this site isn’t quite as important because I don’t have it monetized for anything.

Lol, when I find something worth putting up here that converts I will monetize this site and make a couple of bucks. However that’s not the purpose of the site either. It’s purpose is just to get links to my pages that directories don’t like to link to.

Seduced by an older woman stories are good because thats what happened to me. Lol, many times.  Now all of those older women stories have links to the vast majority of my sexy seniors pages or to another story. I can tell a tale or two about old ladies.

The inportant thing is this site is on a different class C IP address so some link PR and link relevance will get passed on to the tales I tell. The older women erotic stories will then pass that tiny bit on to the pages they link to. Of course it takes more than one link to a page like my story pages to improve the PR on the outgoing links but that’s always an ongoing process.

Free mature erotica stories like I write can be good for getting links to new pages in the big G. I sorta view them as a site map for my pages. It’s a technique Big G likes and it works pretty well.

Every term I found at nichebot that I could use easily is in this post. I highly recommend this technique and it’s free. Finding easy keywords just doesn’t get any better or cheaper.

Sexy older womens pics stories is one of many pages I have on the topic. OTOH this is not a story site but it has links to stories. Dirty mature having sex will eventually become another place to put up my tales of mature and older women.

If you haven’t been to nichebot before, go check it out. If you haven’t written a story before give it a shot. MOF one of the things I would like to do with others is trade stories. I’ll write one and you put it on your site, with a link to it then you write one and I’ll put it on a site and link to it.

That way we both have on topic links from a different IP address and we both controlled the link text so we get exactly what we need. Try writing some mature older woman sex stories or any other kind you might like. You could get a big surprise.

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