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Nude teens and pictures of naked young teens – stories

Nude teens stories and picture of naked young teens stories are what used to turn me on a ton. Now a nude teens story is still a turn on but not like it was when I was a kid and it was considered dirty to read stories about sex or porn. I used to have to hide them under my bed.

Funny but the first real dirty story I read was Peyton Place. I read a lot more after that and sex stories were my favorites for a long time. Then I go my hands on a dirty picture magazine and I’ve enjoyed looking at pictures of naked young teens ever since. Lol, those magazines and books might be what let me end up as a porn site webmaster.

I’m old enough to remember when the first edition of Playboy came out and the wave of outrage in the newspapers about it. However freedom of speech and expression allowed it. Yep, I read it for the stories. ;) However the naked young teens bodies, breasts and asses didn’t hurt anything either.

Back then all the showed of the girls was tits and ass but that was enough for me as I wasn’t that old yet. MOF the first sex story I read I stole from the trunk of my mothers car. I don’t remember where I got the first magazine full of naked pictures tho. Might have been from a friend.

When Penthouse came out and I saw all the letters from people in the penthouse forum I knew I’d had some better experiences than they had and could write about them as well as they could. I’d had plenty of sex, some kinky for the times but most not.

A few years ago I decided to start writing some of the stories from the past where I’d had sex with some sweet young babes and even a few about mature women. All of the stories are true and if you think some of them are lucky or a bit out there you ain’t read nothing yet.

For some reason my sex life was like walking through a forest and hot young teens would just fall out of the trees and want to sleep with me. I got more pussy accidentally than most people get on purpose. Anyway, if you want to read some nude teens storys and see some pictures of naked young teens that are barely legal check out the two links above.

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  • Jeff Moore

    I see you like to write stories about the teens you went out with when you were young. Check out this nude teens story and see what you think of it. It’s on the home page of the site where my teen blog is.

    There’s another story about nude teen lesbians that I thought was pretty good.

    I thought you wanted to cooperate on this stuff tho and you haven’t been to my place and made a post for awhile now. I agree with you that this stuff would work better if we worked together. Come to my blog and make a few posts, I could use the help.

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